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E4 Bioscience presents at the Spring Cannabis Science Conference 2023

E4 Bioscience was selected to present a poster at the April 20th, 2023 Spring Cannabis Science Conference In Portland, OR about using digital technology to improve talent acquisition and retention outcomes in the cannabis testing laboratory recruiting process.

Poster title: Applying validated employee selection methods to improve talent acquisition and retention outcomes in cannabis laboratories.

Abstract: Cannabis laboratory employee turnover is common, extraordinarily expensive, time consuming, and risks harming internal culture. Surprisingly, most cannabis laboratories are unaware of an extensive body of science describing best processes in talent acquisition. As a result, most laboratories use employee selection methods (ESMs) that have very low predictive scores for job success (~30%) which directly contribute to comparatively high employee turnover rates. By incorporating modern and validated ESMs, predictive job success scores can increase to >90%. This presentation will 1) compare and contrast various ESMs, 2) discuss their relative predictive value for hiring highly productive and engaged employees, and 3) provide an example of an accessible and fiscally responsible pre-hire ESM to increase both new hire job success and retention.

If you would like to speak with one of E4 Bioscience’s cannabis testing consultants to learn more about integrating digital recruiting technology into your labs hiring process, please contact us!

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