Compliant Cannabis

Compliant Cannabis is a quality management system developed for cannabis laboratories. The quality management system (QMS) is a turn-key document library composed of the industry’s best policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs). Compliant Cannabis documents are regularly updated and new documents are added to provide a best-in-class compliance program for your laboratory.

Benefits of Compliant Cannabis

New-build Laboratories

Start testing lightyears faster

Allow lab team to focus on validation

Active Laboratories

Improve and strengthen current compliance efforts

Reduce exposure to potential license suspension

These policies and SOP’s have been used to obtain previous laboratory accreditations and undergo  constant revision to keep up-to-date with cannabis laboratory regulatory requirements.


Compliant Cannabis currently has over 200 laboratory policies, procedures, validation plans, forms, and internal auditing tools that address:

Quality management system

Audits and inspections

Assay validation

Proficiency testing

Laboratory security

Laboratory safety

Records management

Information technology

Process management

Sample management

Personnel management

Materials management 


The Compliant Cannabis Quality Management System is a product that can be used by purchasing limited use license for the entire offering or à la carte.

Please contact us to request pricing information.