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E4 Bioscience welcomes cannabis expert Matthew Davenport

Cannabis expert
Matthew Davenport

E4 Bioscience is thrilled to have cannabis expert Matthew Davenport join our team of experts!

Since 2016, Matthew has helped develop cannabis extraction & refinement methodologies and protocols. He has guided multiple extraction laboratories through comprehensive licensing and compliance efforts, as well as companies undergoing research & development of cannabis products.   As an award-winning cannabis expert, his specialties include writing, implementing, training and maintaining procedures for the extraction and processing of solvent-based extracts & distillate which emphasize terpene and flavonoid preservation during refinement.

Matthew has a diverse set extraction related experiences that provide a base for his expertise which includes:

  • Hydrocarbon Extraction & Refinement

  • Ethanol Extraction & Refinement

  • Distillation (Short-Path & Thin Film)

  • Vape Cartridge formulation

  • Pesticide remediation of extract material

The network of expert cannabis consultants at E4 Bioscience exist to provide investors and clients access to a set of expert cannabis consultants. E4 has done the heavy lifting to find, vet, and curate proven cannabis experts so you can focus on building your cannabis company while collaborating with experienced support.

If your laboratory would like to talk to our cannabis laboratory consultants about extraction, distillation, or formulation issues please contact us.

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