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E4 Bioscience Presents at the MichBio Cannabis Science Conference

MichBio Cannabis Science Conference

As the chair of the MichBio Cannabis Science Committee, Dr. Shaun R. Opie is excited to help organize and also speak at the 1st Annual MichBio Cannabis Science Conference on March 22, 2022.  The pioneering event provided an opportunity to discuss how the cannabis space has evolved since legalization in Michigan, identify expectations from MI’s regulatory bodies of the cannabis science community, and establish a line of communication and networking opportunity between MI’s regulatory bodies and testing communities.


At the symposium, Dr. Opie spoke about, “Challenges to Aligning Cannabis Laboratory Regulation, Accreditation, and Science” and provided an in-depth exploration of the hurdles faced in synchronizing cannabis laboratory regulation, accreditation processes, and scientific advancements.


“This is a wonderful event that brings together the local cannabis cultivation, processing, and analytical testing communities to talk about shared issues in the state of Michigan”, said Dr. Opie.  “As the Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency continues to address the unexpected challenges in the nascent cannabis sector, this is a great opportunity to share new perspectives and ideas about how the industry will move forward.”


Check out the morning and afternoon agendas.

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