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The principals of E4 Bioscience have obtained funding, built, and operated five (5) of our own laboratories. We know what it takes, and we encourage you to ask anyone giving you advice to describe their relevant experience. Don’t let untested and unproven consultants handle your investment dollars.


Investor Research


Laboratory Design


License Application




Business Planning


Project Planning




Content Marketing

Our Process

Step 1:


Understanding your business needs is our highest priority. Our free phone or webex meeting is designed to understand your business problem. You are the expert about your problem, so we ask thoughtful questions and use active listening to quickly learn about the business need.

Step 2:


Success just doesn’t happen; it is planned for. If a strategic fit exists, we work collaboratively with you to create a written plan that outlines the action items necessary for success, the anticipated timeline, and the deliverables & outcomes.

Step 3:


Exceptional outcomes demand exceptional resources. The information, tools, and processes are assembled to build the resources needed for your success. Periodic check-ins to review timelines and progress are scheduled into the process.

Step 4:


A vision becomes reality with action. The training, materials, and recommendations to solve your business need are provided in an organized and user-friendly manner. We educate and ensure your business understands how to efficiently deploy new resources and information.

Step 5:


Help when you need it. If the project demands on-going support we provide all necessary services to monitor outcomes, measure effectiveness, and report back with summary data and recommendations for improvement.

Cannabis Laboratory Fundamentals

The only general reference textbook of its kind

Some of Our Happy Clients

“220 Lab Group needed help to identify a testing solution for a unique product safety issue. E4 Bioscience took the time to understand our business problem and quickly identified the answer in a cost-effective manner allowing us to move the product to market.”


– Karen Strong BSRT, CRA, CT, CV, QA, QM

COO at 220 Lab Group

Member of the AOAC International - Cannabis Analytical Science Program


E4 Bioscience helps cannabis investors and laboratory teams fund, design, build, equip, license, staff, validate, and market compliant cannabis laboratories. Whether acquiring, building, or retrofitting a laboratory for cannabis safety testing, our team shares the expertise necessary to avoid delays, create sustainable revenue, and maintain compliance.

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