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Lake Superior State University Cannabis Science Lecture

Managing Partner, Dr. Shaun Opie, lead cannabis testing consultant, was invited to present to the students in the cannabis chemistry and cannabis business program at Lake Superior State University (Sault Ste. Marie, MI) about the state of the cannabis industry. He provided real world feedback about how to be successful as a laboratory analyst, what the regulatory outlook for the cannabis industry looks like, encouraged students to learn about ISO 17025 accreditation and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification requirements, and provided guidance about how they could apply their chemistry and business degrees to seek employment in the cannabis industry.

“Going back to a college campus is always a wonderful experience since students have a voracious appetite for new information. This makes giving back to my educational roots through teaching as an adjunct faculty member, providing guest lectures, and talking to student clubs both fun and easy.” says Dr. Opie. “I remember having mentors that provided clarity, enthusiasm, and guidance about the pursuit of knowledge and the employment options after graduation. I fully believe that giving back to new students is part of the code of responsibility after earning a doctorate.”

Lake Superior State University Cannabis Science program was the first degree program in the United States focusing on analysis of cannabis related compounds and contaminants. Learn about the Lake Superior State University Cannabis Science and Cannabis Business programs.

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