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E4 Bioscience presents at the 8th annual Emerald Conference 2023.

E4 Bioscience was selected to present a poster at the 8th annual Emerald Conference in San Diego, CA on March 1st, 2023 about how incorporating pre-hire assessment testing can help improve cannabis talent acquisition and retention outcomes in the cannabis testing laboratory recruiting process.

The Emerald Conference

The Emerald Conference, recognized as the original and longest-running interdisciplinary cannabis science event, serves as a prominent platform for the exchange of ideas and knowledge in the realm of discovery science. It brings together leading minds to explore the symbiotic relationship between scientific advancements and their applications in cultivation, production, and quality assurance practices.

Dr. Shaun R. Opie, Managing Partner at E4 Bioscience, expressed enthusiasm about the company's invitation to this analytical science conference, emphasizing the novelty of their discussion. "It's a distinct honor for us to discuss recruiting at an analytical science forum. Typically, recruitment isn't associated with the scientific domain. However, the Harrison Assessment, a validated, ISO 16667-compliant analytical tool that E4 Bioscience employs, has proven to be a game-changer. Over two decades of data, combined with our internal research, demonstrates that by incorporating this technology, cannabis laboratories can substantially enhance employee success outcomes, aligning with the successes seen in other industries," he stated.

Attendees are encouraged to explore E4 Bioscience's illuminating poster at the event, delving into the compelling connection between analytical science and strategic hiring practices. E4 Bioscience invites all interested parties to connect with experienced cannabis recruiters, who are well-versed in integrating cutting-edge digital recruiting technology into the laboratory hiring process.

Check out the poster.

If you would like to speak with one of E4 Bioscience’s cannabis laboratory consultants to learn more about integrating digital cannabis recruiting technology into your labs hiring process, please contact us!

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