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Cannabis Legal Expert Witness


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Cannabis Legal Expert Witness

E4 Bioscience is seeking experienced legal cannabis cultivators and laboratory scientists highly knowledgeable about California marijuana cultivation and testing.  As a Legal Expert Witness, you will play a crucial role in preparing complex written opinions based on fact and experience, responding to opponent expert witness opinions, providing expert testimony and analysis in legal proceedings pertaining to marijuana cultivation and testing.




·      Legal Analysis: Conduct comprehensive analysis and interpretation of marijuana cultivation laws, regulations, statutes, and legal precedents.

·      Documentation: Prepare detailed reports, affidavits, and other legal documents articulating expert opinions and analysis of marijuana cultivation and testing laws.

·      Expert Testimony: Provide expert witness testimony in court proceedings, depositions, and arbitrations related to marijuana cultivation and testing laws.

·      Research: Stay abreast of updates, changes, and developments in marijuana cultivation laws, ensuring all legal opinions and testimonies are based on the most current information.

·      Consultation: Offer expert consultation to legal teams, attorneys, and clients regarding marijuana cultivation and testing laws and their implications.


Required Qualifications


·      Bachelor’s degree in relevant field such as law, horticulture, agricultural sciences, or laboratory


·      Cannabis Cultivation Experience: must have at least 3 years of prior documented experience as a legal cultivator or testing scientist.

·      Industry Knowledge: Familiarity with the cannabis industry and its regulatory landscape.

·      Communication Skills: Superior verbal and written communication skills, with the ability to convey complex legal concepts clearly and effectively to attorneys, clients, and other stakeholders.

·      Professionalism: Demonstrated professionalism, integrity, and reliability in all interactions and engagements.  Must be willing to wear a suit and tie when appropriate.

·      Analytical Skills: Strong analytical and critical thinking skills to evaluate legal documents, statutes, and precedents accurately.

·      Legal Expertise: In-depth knowledge and expertise in marijuana cultivation laws, regulations, and legal frameworks.

·      Organizational skills for managing case documents, deadlines, and schedules.

·      Detail-Oriented: Meticulous attention to detail to ensure accuracy and thoroughness in legal analysis and documentation.

·      Technology Proficiency: Proficiency in MS-Word and MS-Excel.


Preferred Qualifications:


·      Experience: Prior experience as a legal expert witness or consultant in cases related to marijuana cultivation laws.

·      Prior Testimony Experience: Previous experience providing expert witness testimony in legal proceedings related to marijuana cultivation laws.


How to Apply:


If you meet the above requirements and are interested in this contract opportunity as a Legal Expert Witness specializing in marijuana cultivation or testing, please submit your resume, cover letter that includes any previous legal expert witness cases.

How to Apply

To be considered for the role, please follow these steps: 

  1. Fill out application form below

  2. Send a copy of your resume and cover letter to

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