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BioMatters article

E4 Bioscience managing partner, Dr. Shaun Opie was invited to write an article in the spring 2023 issue of “BioMatters”. In the article Dr. Opie discusses the use of pre-employment Harrison Assessments to recruit better employees.

The Harrison Assessment is an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) compliant and ISO 16667 compliant

Article summary: “Cannabis testing laboratories face a particularly difficult set of challenges when it comes to recruiting top talent: specifically, the cannabis laboratory industry is highly specialized and has a limited pool of qualified candidates. Additionally, the pressure to keep pace with rapidly changing regulations, advancing technology, decreasing reimbursement, and fierce competition means that finding and retaining the right employees is mission critical. Unfortunately, many recruiting methods used by cannabis laboratory hiring managers are much less effective than they believe and directly contribute to low productivity and morale, high turnover, and loss of institutional knowledge within the first year.”

Read the full article on pages 50-51.

E4 Bioscience talent acquisition solutions enable you to hire the right talent - and do it quickly by using predictive analytics to quickly identify, attract and hire the best candidates. Use award winning pre-hire technology to screen applicants for qualifications, experience, cognitive ability and job specific behavior providing actionable data for effective decisions. The SmartQuestionnaire is delivered online and takes only 25 minutes to complete. It measures 175 job performance impact traits, and the results are available in seconds.

If you would like to speak to one of our cannabis laboratory consultants to learn more about how your lab can improve employee quality and employee retention, please contact us!

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