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Perspectives from a cannabis recruiter about best hiring practices

Cannabis businesses can improve their recruiting processes by using technology to help hire employees that are better suited to their position and more likely to stay. The Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency Social Equity Program invited E4 Bioscience managing partner, Dr. Shaun Opie to present an educational seminar on October 5th, 2023 to discuss the benefits of using validated, pre-hire assessments when recruiting new staff.

“Owners and operators of cannabis testing laboratories have can pick low hanging fruit that will improve their laboratory operations and profitability if they are willing to take a careful look at the frequency and reasons behind employee turnover.” says Dr. Opie. “Any lab with turnover over more 10%/year has ample opportunities and unfortunately, the testing sector is believed to have a much higher annual turnover that that.”

Like many Fortune 500 companies, E4 Bioscience uses the Harrison Assessment which is EEOC and ISO 16667 compliant to help identify high-value employees that are very likely to stay in their role for more than a year.

Watch the presentation: “How to Hire ‘A’ Players That Stay

Presentation Summary: Employee turnover in cannabis businesses is common, extraordinarily expensive, time consuming, and risks harming internal culture. Most cannabis businesses use employee selection methods that have very low predictive scores for job success (<30%) which directly contribute to comparatively high turnover rates, low productivity, and missed financial key performance indicators. This presentation will discuss validated pre-hire assessments designed to quantitatively score job suitability, job eligibility, behavior traits, and general knowledge to increase predictive job success scores to >90%. Using these pre-hire assessments can lead to improved operations and profitability.

If you would like to talk with one of our cannabis laboratory consultants to learn more about how to improve your recruiting outcomes, please contact us!

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