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Ohio Cannabis Testing Labs

November 2023 marked a milestone as Ohio joined the ranks of the 24 states legalizing adult-use cannabis, granting individuals aged 21 and over the freedom to partake. The legislation ushers in a wave of opportunity with 40 new cultivator and 50 retailer licenses set to enrich the market. While there's no imposed limit on adult-use Ohio cannabis testing laboratories, the surge in demand mandates the issuance of additional testing licenses.

In response, we've curated this guide to aid businesses venturing into the establishment of cannabis testing labs in Ohio. Here, you'll discover the latest insights on securing an Ohio cannabis testing license, legislation details, current operators, and more. Stay tuned as we continually update this page with the latest information.

Now, let's delve into a comprehensive overview of the license application process.

Table of Contents

Ohio cannabis testing laboratory license

License Application for Ohio Cannabis Testing Laboratory

Within this segment, our expert cannabis laboratory consultants summarize the license application process for an Ohio cannabis testing lab.

Covering crucial aspects such as timelines, eligibility criteria, available licenses, requirements, fees, and more, we provide a comprehensive overview to guide you seamlessly through the application journey.


With the adult-use legislation approved in November 2023, the commencement of adult-use sales is anticipated in early 2024. Consequently, new Ohio cannabis testing laboratory licenses are likely to be released in the mid- to late-2024 period.

However, as will become evident below, successful operators are already taking proactive steps to establish themselves as key players in Ohio's marijuana testing landscape.

Number of Licenses

In contrast to adult-use cultivator and retailer licenses, the state imposes no numerical restrictions on cannabis testing licenses in Ohio. However, the entry barrier for testing labs is notably higher.

Consequently, the count of licensed cannabis testing laboratories tends to be significantly lower than other license types, often barely surpassing double digits.

Elibility to be an Owner of an Ohio Cannabis Laboratory

This section delves into the qualifications for ownership or operation of a cannabis testing lab in Ohio. Here's a snapshot of the eligibility criteria:

Applicants or owners of an adult-use testing laboratory in Ohio are prohibited from holding any ownership, investment interest, or compensation agreement with:

  • Another Ohio cannabis testing laboratory; or

  • Adult-use cannabis operators in Ohio.

Ohio residency is not mandatory for owners. No owners of the applicant can have disqualifying criminal offenses within five years before the date of filing the application for licensure. Additionally, the applicant cannot be employed by a regulatory body of a governmental unit in Ohio.

If you and your applying entity meet these eligibility requirements, you are eligible to apply for a license to test cannabis in Ohio. he next section explores the testing license application process.

Application for Ohio Cannabis Testing License

Securing am Ohio cannabis testing license requires a comprehensive application showcasing your ability to run a secure and responsible business.

You can exemplify this by detailing your adherence to laws and regulations, outlining methods, procedures, equipment, facility plans, and more.

Application Requirements

As of December 2023, the application for an adult-use cannabis testing laboratory license in Ohio has yet to be released. Drawing insights from other markets and Ohio's medical cannabis testing labs, the anticipated requirements include:


Embarking on the journey to become an Ohio marijuana testing laboratory involves financial considerations. There are three mandatory fees:

  • Non-Refundable Application Fee = $2,000

  • Initial License Fee = $18,000

  • Annual License Renewal Fee = $20,000

These rates are derived from the fee structure for medical cannabis testing laboratories in Ohio, providing a preliminary insight into what to expect for adult-use cannabis testing laboratories.

The application fee is non-refundable, payable upon submission, regardless of license approval. The initial license fee is only applicable if you are granted a license, and the annual renewal fee is an ongoing requirement.

We'll keep you updated on any changes in fees for adult-use labs in Ohio.

Useful Resources

Now that we've covered the cannabis testing license application in Ohio, here are some useful resources that will aid you as you navigate Ohio's marijuana testnig landscape.

Governing Agency's Website

The Ohio Department of Commerce oversees and regulates medical marijuana testing laboratories, and the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program website offers extensive resources on the current medical cannabis market in Ohio.

The forthcoming legislation for adult-use cannabis will introduce the Division of Cannabis Control within the Department of Commerce; we'll provide a link once the website is live.

Laws and Rules

Additional essential resources related to Ohio marijuana testing laboratories include links to:

Currently Operating Ohio Cannabis Testing Lab

As of December 2023, there are ten operational medical marijuana testing labs in Ohio, including:

  • North Coast Testing Laboratories, LLC

  • ACT Laboratories, Inc.

  • One Bond

  • CP Labs

  • Priority Labs, LLC

  • Midway Labs

  • Pinnacle Testing and Specialty Lab

  • SV Labs Testing Laboratory

  • Type Battelle

  • Central State University

These resources serve as valuable guides for those navigating the evolving landscape of cannabis testing in Ohio.


In conclusion, Ohio's recent legalization of adult-use cannabis marks a pivotal moment for entrepreneurs eyeing the Ohio cannabis testing laboratory sector. With the promise of additional licenses and no set cap on testing licenses, the landscape is ripe for exploration.

This guide provides crucial insights into the application process, eligibility criteria, and key considerations, equipping aspiring owners to navigate the complex terrain.

As Ohio prepares for adult-use cannabis sales in 2024, now is the opportune time to lay the groundwork for a successful venture. Stay informed with regularly updated resources by subscribing to our newsletter, or schedule a free consultation with one of our cannabis testing consultants to learn more about starting a cannabis testing lab in Ohio.

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