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E4 Bioscience welcomes cannabis expert Richard Ferrara.

Richard Ferrara - E4 Bioscience Cannabis Consultant

We are thrilled to have cannabis expert Richard Ferrara join our team of experts! As cannabis cultivators start thinking about EMP/HACCP/GMP, mitigating HLVd infections, and/or microbial contamination, we believe that having an experienced cultivator on the scientific team will provide more financial benefit to our clients than fire genetics.

Richard holds a B.S. in horticulture from Michigan State University and a certificate in Hemp Breeding and Genetics from Cornell University. He has 10 years of cannabis cultivation experience and has grown tens of thousands of plants, hundreds of strains, and helped many commercial and caregiver facilities get started or expand. Richard has experience designing both commercial and caregiver cultivation facilities, and environmental and fertigation systems, integrated pest management plans. He also has experience with every type of growing media including hydroponics, living soil beds, organic practices, rock wool, coco coir and more. In addition to commercial cultivations, Richard has 6 years of extraction science experience.

Richard's dedication to innovation, coupled with his wealth of hands-on experience, makes him a sought-after resource in the cannabis industry, helping clients achieve remarkable results in their operations.

The network of expert cannabis consultants at E4 Bioscience exist to provide investors and clients access to a set of experienced and knowledgeable cannabis consultants. E4 has done the heavy lifting to find, vet, and curate proven cannabis consultants so you can focus on building your cannabis company while collaborating with expert support.

If your laboratory would like to talk to our cannabis laboratory consultants about environmental monitoring planning, HACCP or other biosecurity related issues, please contact us.

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